street carnival food

All right, it’s that time of year again…the sun is shining, people are spending time outdoors, flowers are blooming…it’s time for street carnivals!

One big part of these carnivals is the food…even if you don’t plan to eat there, it sure is hard to resist! (I usually lose the battle.)

shave ice_w

food vendors_w


cotton candy_w


chicken tikka masala with vegetable samosa and spinach naan

Is it weird that as an Indian, I order Indian takeout?

Hmm…I don’t think so.

Warm, soft spinach naan serves as an excellent vehicle to convey creamy, buttery chicken tikka masala to my waiting mouth, while crisp bites of flaky vegetable samosa punctuate another fantastic meal.

delicious indian takeout_w

creamy chicken

flaky samosa

soft spinach naan

prep course

Prep work isn’t necessarily my favorite part of preparing a dish. All that cutting, dicing, washing, mixing, marinating—it’s just not my scene.

However, when all the parts come together to form a beautiful collage of ingredients, just before being combined forever into a brand new whole…there’s something kind of wonderful about that.